Are You Ready to DIY Your Roof? Here's Why The Answer May Be No

So You Think You Can Roof?

This isn't a new reality show on ABC-but it is a question you should ask yourself before you start ordering shingles to your home. DIY work on a large job such as roofing is something you really need to think about before you pull the trigger on that nail gun yourself. 


Roofs Are Nuanced

Some people assume roofing is just spending your morning taking all the shingles off of the roof and the afternoon putting new shingles on and you'll be done by nighttime! This couldn't be further from the truth! A roof is a complex system of components that work together to keep water, snow, debris and anything else out side of your home. Contractors like the employees at C.H.I. Roofing are trained in every aspect of this part of the job. They can open up a roof and use their decades of experience to let you know what is really going on inside your home's foundation. 


Be Ready To Sweat

How does carrying heavy objects up and down a ladder sound? Or schlepping them across the top of a roof? If this isn't your day to day work, it won't be fun. If you want to roof your home safe, you'll need a few knowledgable friends you can trust to help out. Honestly, best to pay professionals than worry about your friend Rick from work falling off the roof and suing you! 

Save Up Front/Pay Later

At first you may think the price of paying a professional contractor like C.H.I. Roofing to handle your roof is much higher than simply buying the materials yourself, but one hiccup in your work timeframe and you'll be paying for a rush job to get your home roofed before another storm hits. When you pay a trusted contractor to rehab your roof you are paying for piece of mind. Your job will get done correct the first time. 

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How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

The first thing you start to see around the neighborhood once Thanksgiving is finished are Christmas Lights. This is a great time to do so as it's usually not super cold and you won't have as tough of a time getting up on a ladder. Also you can reward yourself with some leftovers after your done! Here's some tips for hanging your lights outside! 

1- Find Your Power Source: You're going to be using heavy-duty extension cords and you're going to need a 120-volt outlet. 

2- Measure the LengthsUsing a tape measure, you should measure the length of your house along the ground. You can also measure the height to the gutters and the height of any trees or bushes

3- Test the Lights: You can find a bulb meter at any local hardware store to see if all of the lights are still working. 

4-Setup Your Ladder: You're going to want to use an extension ladder to get you up to the height of your roof.  

5- Hang your Lights Along the Eaves: You're going to want to use plastic clips on your eaves to hold the lights up correctly. 

If while you're up there you see any issues with your gutter or roof, cal C.H.I. Roofing at 513-731-ROOF! 

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Tips to Winterize Your Home

The snow is just around the corner in southern Ohio. As we get closer to December we will have snowfall shortly. Here are some tips for making sure your home is ready for the winter months! C.H.I. Roofing can handle most of your big home repairs, but these are easy tricks to make sure you keep your home in good standing. 

Caulk It Up!

If you see any gaps in siding or windows, apply some caulk form the hardware store. You can do this inside too. Buying a caulk gun for home use is a great tool to have year round. 

Keep Your Thermostat Low!

You can save as much as 1% on your energy bill for every degree you lower your thermostat during the winter. If you can, program the thermostat to be very low or off when no one is home and keep it lower than last year's usual temp!

Weatherstrip Tape

Drafts and air leaks increase your heating costs so it's important to inspect your windows and doorways to ensure there aren't any open spaces. Weatherstripping tape is cheap and easy to apply. 


Draft Guards

Draft guards are also for keeping the bottom of your doors from letting air in. They're very cheap and easy to install.

Replace Filters

One thing that always gets forgotten about is replacing the filters in your HVAC system. 

While handling these winter precautions if you notice any bigger issues with your home call 513-731-ROOF and C.H.I. Roofing can help you 

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