4 Kinds of Windows That All Need Replacing

When you're at home you want to relax. You don't want to have old, damaged windows bothering your time with family and creating more things for you to worry about. Here are five types of windows that can ruin your weekend

1- The Unmovable Stone

You know what it feels like to come to your window and try to lift with your usual amount of effort and instead of nicely sliding up the window stays put. It feels like you're at the gym, not trying to open a window and get some breeze in your home. This can stem from one of two problems: there is an issue with the mechanism that levels out the window OR your window frame has swelled due to the humidity in a big big way. Either way, installing new windows is the only way to fix this issue. 

2- Chain Rattler 

If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to walk through the darkness, you'd rather not hear eerie rattles and shakes from all over your home. Older windows that have weather sealing past their prime will rattle in their frames, making a terrifying noise if you aren't expecting it. Odds are those home noises at night aren't a ghost with unfinished business, but your windows that need to be repaired!


Have you ever had an open window on a nice spring day that SLAMS down out of nowhere? It's incredibly startling and makes you wonder who is angrily trying to break your windows. There is usually no one at fault, however, aside from the person who decides when new windows get put in. A slamming window like this means something is wrong with the foundation of the window and it needs to be replaced. Suggested you get it replaced ASAP before it slams and breaks the window panes or someones fingers comfortably sitting on the sill! 

4-The Foggy Peephole

Didn't you just clean your window? Why does it look so foggy? These are questions you may have when your window starts to show glass failure. If you're window is foggy no matter what the season, odds are your glass is just needing to be reinstalled. 

If you're looking for new windows call 513-731-ROOF to get a free estimate from C.H.I. Roofing. 

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5 Facts About Home Windows You Should Know

We've all grown up with windows just being in our home. But how much have you thought about how windows affect your daily life? Here are ten facts about windows and how they affect your home you should know if you are a homeowner! 

  1. Most window manufacturers suggest you replace your windows every 20 years. Signs you windows need to be replaced are: drafty frames or cracking outer layers on the window. 

      2. Windows with leaks account of up to 25% of American homes energy bills. If you'd like to cut that out, its necessary to purchase insulated or double-pane windows and make sure your frames are airtight. 

      3. One great way to keep out outside noise is to buy windows with 1/4 inch to 1 inch of air between the panes. This will trap the sound and severely dampen it so only trace amounts end up in your home. 

      4. Skylights provide 30% more light than standard vertical windows the same size! Point it toward the sun and you get a whole lot more natural light. 


      5. Low-E glass has a metallic coating that reflects heat back to its source. Indoor heat stays in your home during the winter and outside heat stays out of your home in the summer. 


When you're ready to get new windows installed call 513-731-ROOF 


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American Windows & Glass: Double Hung or Sliding?

American Windows & Glass have a large line of different window styles you can choose from. Two of the most popular are Sliding windows and Double Hung windows. Which one is right for you? It depends on what you want out of your window and where you'll be placing your window. 


Sliding Window

Sliding (or gliding or slider) windows have sashes that slide either left or right in s single frame. A slide window can open both sides at the same time which will give your home maximum ventilation when you need it. These are best for when the width is greater than the height you have in the space. Also rooms who may need more often ventilation, like a kitchen or dining room or laundry room.  

 Double Hung Window

These windows also have two sashes in a single frame but they go up and down instead of sideways. These windows have easy-to-use tilt sashes that make cleaning very easy and accessible. These windows are perfect for when the height is a little higher than the width you have for each window. Since they are easy to clean, these are very popular in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. 


Whichever combination of windows works best for your home, C.H.I. Roofing would be happy to expertly install them for you. Call 513-731-ROOF for a free no-risk estimate! 

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The Quality Pieces of the American Window & Glass Company

One of our favorite suppliers is American Window & Glass from Evansville, IN. They make a superior product at a great price and it's the window we love to install in our customers home or business. They make no compromise on any part of the window's production and the quality shows through. Here's some of the things to show off about American Window & Glass! 

Beautiful windows from American Window & Glass website 


  • Window & Sash Frames: Lifetime Warranty
  • Hardware: 5 Years
  • Screens: 5 Years
  • Coated Windows: 10 Years
  • Insulated Glass Unit: 15 Years 

The Vinyl:

Vinyl is the preferred material for the frame of an American Window & Glass window. They exclusively use vinyl from Deceuninck Plastics, a leader in the vinyl industry. 

The Spacer:

The spacer piece in American Window & Glass has insulated Intercept insulated glass. Intercept is a patented "Warm Edge Technology" spacer system that has a unique structure which creates a thermal barrier. It's one-piece design makes it incredibly strong and resiliiant while also keeping the edges of your windows warmer so your home can easily maintain heat during the winter. 

The Glass: 

The glass used in their windows is some of the most advanced window technology in the market. They use PPG Glass Solarban 60 Low-E glass which helps your home become more energy efficient and comfortable thanks to a thin coating that blocks out unwanted elements. 


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Which Should I Install First? Windows or Siding?

If you are thinking about getting new windows and siding installed in your home, it's best to do them at the same time if possible. It's ideal to get them both reworked so you can maximize your new items and older siding won't bring down your new windows and vice versa. 

But if you can't do both at once, we suggest you install the new windows first. If we were going to do both at once, we'd install the windows first anyways which will allow us to finish off all the capping surrounding the windows before the siding. Window capping is a protective covering that is often added to exposed exterior frames during installation. If you end up focusing on the siding first and then do your windows later you would have to cap them again. By doing the windows and siding together you could avoid have to pay to cap your windows more than once. 

Another issue that can happen if you do the siding first is when it comes time to install new windows and the moisture barrier for them the barrier will need to go behind the siding. That means some of the new siding could have been removed and later reinstalled. 

If you're ready to get your siding and window projects praised call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk estimate! 

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