4 False Ideas About Attic Vents!

Not a lot of people know much about roof ventilation! Ventilation is a sub section of roofing people assume they know about but there are five ideas people have that are not the right idea. We'll discuss those ideas here.

1. I Have Roof Vents, So My Ventilation is Good

While there isn't a consensus on which ventilation system is the best, most contractors agree some roof vents don't work at all. For example, ridge vents while being the cheapest, without baffles a ridge vent might crate almost no ventilation at all. Another popular style are gable vents. These may only circulate a small percentage of the air in your attic. Static vents on your roof-line are effective for ventilation but generally have lots of issues with leaks. Soffit vents might leave air trapped at the top of your attic. The most effective designs of roof ventilation use a ridge and soffit continuous ventilation system. 

2. Roof Vents Remove Warm Air During Winter

Because heat rises, some people think ventilating an attic space during winter means you're releasing all the warm are and leaking all the free warmth you have. If this were actually happening, the problem would be with your insulation, not your vents! 

3. More Attic Ventilation is Good

In the same way you need the correct air conditioning unit for your home, you need the right sized attic ventilation too. Big roof vents can create additional places for your roof to be penetrated. Potentially more leaks! Preventing moisture damage is a much greater benefit than ventilation and in colder climates it's more likely your home will be better off with a vent. 

4. Roof Vents Are Only for Warm Climates 

Many people assume that the importance of roof ventilation is to increase efficiency during the summer. Good roof ventilation plays a part in this, but shingle color, sun exposure, and insulation can add a lot more to the whole system. 

If you need more guidance on your roof ventilation system- call 513-731-ROOF for a free no-risk consultation! 

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4 Kinds of Windows That All Need Replacing

When you're at home you want to relax. You don't want to have old, damaged windows bothering your time with family and creating more things for you to worry about. Here are five types of windows that can ruin your weekend

1- The Unmovable Stone

You know what it feels like to come to your window and try to lift with your usual amount of effort and instead of nicely sliding up the window stays put. It feels like you're at the gym, not trying to open a window and get some breeze in your home. This can stem from one of two problems: there is an issue with the mechanism that levels out the window OR your window frame has swelled due to the humidity in a big big way. Either way, installing new windows is the only way to fix this issue. 

2- Chain Rattler 

If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to walk through the darkness, you'd rather not hear eerie rattles and shakes from all over your home. Older windows that have weather sealing past their prime will rattle in their frames, making a terrifying noise if you aren't expecting it. Odds are those home noises at night aren't a ghost with unfinished business, but your windows that need to be repaired!


Have you ever had an open window on a nice spring day that SLAMS down out of nowhere? It's incredibly startling and makes you wonder who is angrily trying to break your windows. There is usually no one at fault, however, aside from the person who decides when new windows get put in. A slamming window like this means something is wrong with the foundation of the window and it needs to be replaced. Suggested you get it replaced ASAP before it slams and breaks the window panes or someones fingers comfortably sitting on the sill! 

4-The Foggy Peephole

Didn't you just clean your window? Why does it look so foggy? These are questions you may have when your window starts to show glass failure. If you're window is foggy no matter what the season, odds are your glass is just needing to be reinstalled. 

If you're looking for new windows call 513-731-ROOF to get a free estimate from C.H.I. Roofing. 

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5 Home Improvement Jobs to Keep You Busy This Winter

Winter temperatures are descending on the Ohio area and we all want to spend more time inside with the heat cranked and hot coco in our mugs. Just because the world outside is too cold to venture out into, doesn't mean you can't take care of some home improvement projects to get out of your cabin-fever. C.H.I. Roofing is there to take care of all the external parts of your home, roof, gutters, siding, chimney, windows; but you can do a lot to maintain the inside comfort of your home, feel accomplished, and never leave the warmth of your home! 

1) Squeaky Door!

If one of your doors is making a loud squeak whenever its opened or closed, there's a quick fix to silence it. Find the hinges on your door frame and pull them slightly up to give you access to the frame where it lives. Apply a little W-D40 to lube up this area and slide the pin back in! This will smoothen the ride for your door frame's pin and make the loud squeak disappear! 

2) Creaky Floor Boards! 

A squeaky floorboard is a sign that your floor planks aren't aligning as smoothly as they used to. You can pick up an anti-squeak repair kit which features specifically designed screws that are easy to conceal. You can also try to dust talcum powder between the boards that are creaking to buff up the squeaky sounds. 

3) Repair Crusty Paint on Shower Ceilings

The paint above you shower gets a lot of heat and moisture and it's important to repair this area before the paint gets too far gone. You're going to want to scrape away the old paint and re-caot it with a high quality, exterior grade paint. Also make sure once it's dry to use the bathroom vent when you can to ensure moisture doesn't get trapped after you leave the shower. 

4) Replace Batteries in Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

Once you setup detectors for smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, you don't really notice them. Tucked away on the ceiling, behind doorways, or plugged into outlets not usually used, we don't notice them until they've started to squawk about needing a new battery. One tip to get rid of that squeal is to change your batteries yearly. If you put in your calendar that one day a year is battery change day, you'll never have to hear that horrid crying sound from the other room again! 

5) Clean Laundry Dryer Vent

The vent that funnels exhaust out into the world needs to be maintained to ensure your home doesn't catch on fire! These tubes get a lot of lint and other debris from cleaning your clothes all year so take a moment to pull the dryer out from the wall, disconnect the vent pipe, and vacuum the debris contained inside. 

If you need any outside the home repairs done this winter, call 513-731-ROOF! C.H.I. Roofing is here to fix you siding, windows, and roofs! 

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American Armed Services Discount on Roofing Systems

CHI Roofing has a great respect for the servicemen and women who risk their lives for America. We understand the sacrifice and selflessness it takes to become a member of the American Armed Services, and wanted to give a little back to you and your family. That is why CHI Roofing offers any military veterans a $250 rebate on your Certified System Plus Roofing System. 

The partnership between CHI Roofing and GAF Materials makes sure your house is securely roofed for the rest of your home's life. It also means you will experience unparalleled craftsmanship, professionalism, and American made materials. GAF is an industry leader in quality roofing materials and CHI Roofing is a GAF Master Elite Certified contractor. You can trust that once your roof is covered by GAF materials by CHI Roofing you'll never have to worry about your roof again. We stand by our work and will bend over backward to make sure you are satisfied with our service. 



CHI Roofing is grateful to your service to our country and our partnered rebate with GAF is a small price in comparison to the sacrifices you've made at home and abroad. Call (531)-731-ROOF for a no risk free consultation. 

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Assessing the Roof of a New Home to Buy

One of the more common issues with home roofs we see is new home owners having issues with their roof, but having no idea who installed it and what the history of the roof is can leave you scrambling to figure out what kind of options you have with your new home's roof. Here are some of the things you should make sure to check out before you buy a new home, in regards to the roof! 

Try to Asses Age of Roof

If you can, ask the current homeowners or real estate agent if they know when the roof was installed. If you see any kind of bulges or curly edges, missing shingles or worn out spots. If you see any of these things that probably means the roof is quiet old. If the roof is in anyway damaged, I would use this as a bargaining chip to lower the price for the home! Also if you can find out who originally installed the roof, you can independently reach out and (hopefully the company is still in business) see when they record having installed the roof and if any of the warranties are still in play or would apply to you as a new home owner.

Check Out Ventilation

 Make sure your new home has some sort of ventilation system that can let sunshine and air come in easily. 


Make sure the downspouts, gutters and drainage pipes that lead to the ground drain into storm water wells. You'll also want to check for any obvious signs of past flooding or excessive water flowing around areas where the water drains. 

Mold on Roof

Mold is a fungus that can come in many shades-all are bad! Mold can form under roofs when liquid gets trapped. It's important that if you see any mold you get it addressed inside and out before you buy the home! 

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Before You DIY Your Vinyl Siding...

We've all shaken ourselves awake after a lazy Sunday bender of HGTV shows and thought "they made that look easy! I can redo the siding on my house myself! I'll save so much money!" 

The TV home improvement experts have to cram in an entire job in a few short minutes. So they do make it look easy, because they don't have time to show you all the work that goes on before, after and during a renovation project. 

The Supplier

You think you found a great deal on some siding on amazon or at a Home Depot sale, but did you know that by working with a trusted contractor who already orders large volumes of products from a supplier, you could get cheaper costs than any consumer could dream of? C.H.I. Roofing works in large volume orders with out siding supplier James Hardie, and those savings are passed on to our customers. By having C.H.I. Roofing purchase the siding for your new installation, you get the benefits of our relationship with our supplier. Also, you can be sure we're certified by that manufacturer to properly install the siding! Did you know manufacturers can have specific methods and suggestions for installation that our employees are trained to handle properly?


Right Tools for the Job

Some things you need to install siding onto a home you may have in the garage already: couple different hand and power saws, power drill, tin snips, snap lock punch, etc. You most likely will spend a decent amount of money acquiring the tools to properly install the vinyl siding and then who knows the next time you'll use them! They may end up sitting in the garage collecting dust. The money you thought you saved by getting your own tools easily ends up an investment that lost you money. In the long run having someone like the pros at C.H.I. Roofing install your siding the right way the first time is the best bang for your buck. 


Structural Surprises

From the outside, you may think your vinyl installation will be easy: take the old stuff down, put the new stuff on! BUT WAIT! What's that behind your old siding? Do you even know what to look for when deciding if the long out of sight wood and insulation beneath your siding is ok to work with? Many issues that could end up causing you a headache later aren't easy to notice unless you're a seasoned veteran. Another reason the pros at C.H.I. Roofing are the best for the job! 

The Trash

One of the least glamorous things the home improvement TV shows don't shows you is the proper way to dispose of home repair waste. Your local garbage man isn't going to take your mountain of old siding with his regular route. You're going to need to make sure your waste meets local and state waste requirements, frequently needing to get a dumpster to ensure the safest disposal of vinyl siding. 


When you'd like to spend the money to make sure the job is done properly the first time, call 513-731-ROOF for a free no-risk quote from C.H.I. Roofing 



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Checking Your Windows for Leaks

Your windows are one of the most important pieces of your home at keeping the elements out of your house. Here's what you should do to check your window for leaks! 

Having a leak in your window can not only get in the way of your heating and air conditioning system, but it can also leave your window open for permanent damage like dry rot. 

An improperly installed window can lead to dry rot like this. If you find any leaks in your window, letting it go without repair can give you this result. 


The upfront cost for repairing a window are minimal when compared to how much fixing a window in disrepair as the one show here. Whenever you have a gust of wind, check your window edges for any gusts. If you notice even small amounts of air leaking through, be assured there's even more than you can perceive. If you're looking to get your windows installed right the first time, C. H. I. Roofing is your destination for consulting and installation. C.H.I. uses windows from American Window and Glass. They come with the coveted Better Home & Garden Life time warranty. 


Beautiful windows like this from American Window & Glass are expertly installed by C.H.I. Roofing


When you're ready for new windows done right, call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk consultation. 

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Choosing the Colors For Your New Home or Remodel

When you're planning of getting new siding on your home, one of the more pressing issues than what kind of siding is what color of siding you'd like it to be! A new color of home siding breathes new life into a home. Before you start planning by heading to Home Depot and bringing every color wheel they have home, realize that there are thousands upon thousands of possible colors available in the world, but the company making your siding needs to stock them. 

Check Out Shingle Sites

It's best to scope out the colors shingle manufacturers go to. This way you can see what colors of shingles are available as options for you. For instance, James Hardie has a home color tool builder on their website. You can use this to try and get an idea for what would specifically fit your home. 

Make sure to Pick Options

You want too have a few colors in mind when you meet with a contractor to install the siding on your home. You never know what options the manufacturer will have in stock. 

Look For Reviews

Check out how your roofing contractor and their preferred shingle manufacturer are viewed by past customers! 

If you're ready to get to updating the siding on your home call 513-731-ROOF 


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Climate Change and Roofing

With 60 degree days in December, Ohioans can be wondering how climate change can effect their environment. For us, it makes us think about how it will effect the roofing industry. The roof construction industry is just now figuring out how the changing planet temperatures will effect what we do. The issues fall into two different categories: Environmental Impact Risk Prevention.

Environmental Impact

According to the National Roofing Contractor's Association residential and commercial buildings account for 30-40 percent of the US carbon emissions. This has created more demand for green roofs and materials with next generation insulation systems. It's also increased the demand for roofing systems that qualify for environmentally friendly tax credits! At C.H.I. we can help our customers get an ecologically advanced roof system if that is what they need. Call 513-731-ROOF if you'd like to learn more about how we can be good to the environment and to your building!  

Risk Prevention

By nature, roofs are meant to handle the great outdoors. The roofing industry is evolving to handle the more extreme weather patterns that have been hitting North America in the last few years. If the precipitation increases in your area, your roof can feel it. You'll want to spend mor time paying attention to your roof, your attic, and the interior of your home. If you see any leaks or precipitation inside your roofing system, its time to call 513-731-ROOF for a free consultation! 

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Damaged Roofing Can Give Squirrels Access to Your Home

As the tree leaves turn from green to yellow and brown, we see more and more squirrels scurrying around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. In an effort to stockpile supplies for winter, these cute but scrappy critters are on the hunt for nourishment. What any homeowner will tell you is while squirrels may be a nice signal of fall, squirrels making a nest in your attic is a royal pain. Squirrels are constantly chewing to maintain their sharp teeth, and if their home is under your roof they will find any number of things to chew on. The cute critters are very comfortable around people and have been scanning the neighborhoods, roof by roof, looking for a place to make their winter hiding. Don't let your house be their next hotel! 

 There are a number of ways critters like squirrels (and also birds) can get into your home:  

  • Gaps Between Gutters and Roofs

The Red Squirrel looking for gaps between your roof and gutter!


The edge of your roof where it connects to the gutter is a prime location for rain, leaves, and general outdoor substances to erode at your houses foundation. Even the smallest spaces between roof and gutter can be made big enough to give squirrels access to your attic. Frequent professional gutter cleanings paired with a trusted roofer like CHI can ensure your home doesn't become homes for uninvited wildlife. 


  • Holes in Roof Ventilation 

A Fox Squirrel scoping out your roof vents and chimney for a warm place to crash. 


Most likely there are necessary ventilation pieces on the top of your home. After time weather can erode these pieces and leave light for squirrels to slide into. Proper maintenance and frequent visual checks of your roof's ventilation can ensure you have an air-tight defense against cute critters like the fox squirrel. 


  • Uncapped chimneys

The Eastern Grey Squirrel cataloguing all the uncapped chimneys in your neighborhood. 

If there is any space between your brick chimney outlet and your roof, squirrels will find a way in. Wear and tear is sometimes hard to keep track of as getting the ladder out and climbing up to your roof can be a tiresome chore. It's however necessary to keep track of your chimney's status. 


Don't let your home house critters in the winter! They won't pay for the heating or construction bills after they leave! 

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Great Reviews of Our Work! Add Your voice

Over half of our business at C.H.I. Roofing is repeating customers or referrals. We stand by our work and feel there is no better advertisement for the quality of work we provide than the honest reviews of our customers. They have nothing to gain from going out of their way to log on and review our work, they've already received a quality job for a great price, but we APPRECIATE them doing so. The more reviews of our quality work go up, the more likely we are to keep getting more and more new customers. Here's one we received on facebook: 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Here's another from the Better Business Bureau Page: 


First of all, unfortunate that Nick had to go through two different issues before finding C.H.I. Roofing, but we're glad we were the last company he had to look to. We can promise craftsmanship and the job is done right. Not rushed, no mess left behind, no HASSLE! 

Here's one last review from HomeAdvisor: 

We strive to give you the same experience as Michael V. Our quote will be considerably less than our competitors and you'll not have to worry about the quality of the job. 

We'd love to hear from you if you've been a customer!


Better Business Bureau



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Home or Business: C.H.I. Roofing Can Beautify It

If you need new roofing, siding, or windows for your home or business C.H.I. Roofing is the one-stop business to make your property look beautiful and new.

C.H.I. Roofing prides itself on picturesque work that will last a lifetime. When you have us handle the roof, siding, windows you can be assured the improvements will last for the lifetime of your building. We're available to give a new life to you property no matter what state your structure is currently in.   



From flat commercial roofs to shingles and all different kinds of siding, C.H.I. Roofing's collective decades of experience will be there to make sure you get the best for your home or business. Call 513-731-7663 for a free no-risk consultation! 

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How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

The first thing you start to see around the neighborhood once Thanksgiving is finished are Christmas Lights. This is a great time to do so as it's usually not super cold and you won't have as tough of a time getting up on a ladder. Also you can reward yourself with some leftovers after your done! Here's some tips for hanging your lights outside! 

1- Find Your Power Source: You're going to be using heavy-duty extension cords and you're going to need a 120-volt outlet. 

2- Measure the LengthsUsing a tape measure, you should measure the length of your house along the ground. You can also measure the height to the gutters and the height of any trees or bushes

3- Test the Lights: You can find a bulb meter at any local hardware store to see if all of the lights are still working. 

4-Setup Your Ladder: You're going to want to use an extension ladder to get you up to the height of your roof.  

5- Hang your Lights Along the Eaves: You're going to want to use plastic clips on your eaves to hold the lights up correctly. 

If while you're up there you see any issues with your gutter or roof, cal C.H.I. Roofing at 513-731-ROOF! 

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How to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

After you spend the money to properly install your brand new roofing, you want your home to look just as good years later. With a small amount of upkeep you can make sure the siding on your home stays the bright beautiful color you originally chose! 


Our partners at James Hardie Siding produce an exceptional product with the Home & Garden Lifetime Warranty. They've provided the following suggestions for maintaining a clean siding on your home year round:


Yearly Cleanings

Every 6 to 12 months (depending on how much dirt and debris your home comes in contact with) it's suggested that you spray down your siding with a garden hose or low pressure water sprayer. You don't want to use a high power pressure sprayer for the water, as that can be too strong for what you need. You end up damaging the siding more than you need to. Most stains should come off with the water but tougher stains should go away with a mild detergent and a soft brush. 

Gutters Matter

It's also important to make sure your gutters and drains aren't clogged or blocking the flow of water and debris from off of your roof and back into nature. The more clogs you have in your gutters the less places the water and debris that can damage your roof and siding have to go! 

Caulking Re-Application

Simple re-caulks in places that joint pieces of your siding is an easy way to keep moisture from getting into the backside of your siding. On first sight of a crack or slip in your caulking, reapply a "permanently flexible" caulk to your siding and you'll have no issues. 

Trim the Bushes

It's also important to make sure you keep any vegetation or trees away from your siding. Wind can blow brush, leaves, mud, dirt and any number of other debris onto your siding and make it very dirty. Keeping a distance from nature and your siding can mean you're siding will stay brighter longer. 

If you're ready to get the kind of siding that will last the lifetime call 513-731 ROOF to get a no risk free consultation! 

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How to Remove Snow & Ice From Your Roof

While the heat is still teasing the Cincinnati area, we all know that snow and ice is right around the corner. Snow and ice can take over your roof and it's important to keep tabs on how the accumulation of precipitation is sitting on your home. 

Dangling and jagged icicles aren't just a danger to people, they could also be a hazard to your home. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and stops melting snow from draining off the roof. What happens is the water will start to backup underneath the shingles and will eventually get into the interior of your home. 

To remove ice DIY, there are roof salt products that can help to thaw the ice. Avoid using salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow off the roof as they are super corrosive and can also damage grass and tress if they come in conatct. 

You can also setup your roof with gutter screens to keep debris, water, and ice from building up in your gutter. 

If you'd like to remove snow you can get a roof rake that you can use from the ground. 

If you feel like the snow and ice has gotten to much to handle on your roof or you're worried there may be damage, call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk consultation! 

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Hygge, Comfort, and Home Repair

In the last year, hygge, a Danish term defined as "a quality of cosiness and comfort" and pronounced "hoo-guh" has become popularized around the world. Especially on the internet. You can see on pinterest and instagram accounts the effect of this trend toward hot coco, snuggly scarves and blankets, and nights sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. 

This cultural touchstone of Denmark is a focus on creating serenity and comfort in one's home. It hinges on relaxing and getting cozy, the more natural and serene the home setting the better. 

One important aspect to hygge is being comfortable in your home! this is not something you can achieve if your windows, siding, or roofing are drafty, busted, or leaking! 

Winter is when you notice issues with your interior framework and C.H.I. Roofing can help with that. If you need to make your home more cozy and embrace the Hygge, call 513-731-ROOF today! 

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Increasing the Curb Appeal All Over Cincinnati

C.H.I. Roofing has been a trusted home contractor for almost a decade in the Cincinnati area. We've done work to make homes and businesses look beautiful and stay that way. 

This home we did the pillar, roof, siding and windows! It looks incredible. This is in the Indian Hill neighborhood in the east side of Cincinnati.

This condo is in Water's Edge a far north suburban neighborhood near Mason! We did roofing for all of the condos and years later they still look sleek and full of life! 

This roof is in the Hyde Park bar Keystone Grill. It looks amazing and they have great food and brews inside!!

This incredible home is on Hopper Road in the Cold Stream area on the far east side of Cincinnati. It's tucked away from the road, but is quite a sight to see up close.

If you'd like your home or business to have these beautiful looks, don't hesitate to call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk estimate! 

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Inspecting Your Roof After A Storm

The rainy season is upon us in the Cincinnati area, and as much as we'd love for everyone to have a perfect roof with no leaks or issues, we know from our day to day operations that's just not the case. Unless you've got your roof outfitted with care by the professionals at C.H.I. Roofing, there is a chance your roof won't be able to handle that next storm blowing through. 


                                                                                            Storm clouds rain cincinnnati
                                     After the sky stops looking like this, it's time to inspect your roof!
Checklist for Roof Inspection After A Storm
1) Check out the Attic!
Before you put on your rain boots and slog outside, head upstairs to your home's attic. One of the obvious indicators of damage from the storm will be puddles of water on the floor or slivers of sunlight peeking through your ceiling. If you find either of these, call 731-ROOF to get our staff on-site as soon as possible to discuss tackling this issue. Your home is an important family investment and you need piece of mind it will be secure. 
                                                                                                                                    Even picturesque attics like this one can succumb to storm damage! 
2) Pull out the Ladder and Check the Roof!
After you've checked your internal features, take a few minutes to head outside and (safely) climb up to inspect your roof and gutters up close.  Any obvious damage should be visible with the naked eye after a storm.     
                                                                                            If you can, try and pry your children off their video games for a moment to check out the roof! Double check their findings to be sure ;) 
Check the gutters for any standing water or piles of leaves. Unclog any issues if you're able to. Check for any places where the gutters and roof have separated, as that can quickly lead to a space for the elements and animals to find their way in. In general look at the rest of the roof for dislodged shingles, gaps, tears, or any other unsightly issues. 
3) Call 731-ROOF
C.H.I. wants to help keep your home secure from all that mother nature can throw at it. If you see any sign of damage we are here for you. 
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Moldy Roof: What to Do

Roofs can get moldy. What starts as a nice green sign of age can quickly ruin your roofing. Here's what to do to keep your roof healthy!

When it comes to your roof, mold is no joke. What starts as a small issue can grow (literally & metaphorically!) over time to become a big issues with the structural integrity of your home's roof. Thankfully if you catch it early enough, moldy shingles may not need to be thrown out and replaced, just properly cleaned and tended to. 


Don't let the roof of your home turn into a garden unless you want it to!!

Mold & Algae

Some of the green mossy looking stuff on your roof could be mold and some of it algae, depending on moisture rates. Either way they both need to get off of your shingles and let your roof live in peace! Doesn't matter what the exact classification of the green gunk on your roof is, they all can get handled in the same way. 

Old Method

For many years it was thought the best way to get rid of mold algae and other plant life in unwanted places was to mix chlorine bleach and water and spray down the areas covered in the greenery. The roofing industry has realized that this may not be the best method for long lasting roofing. While it for sure gets rid of the mold and algae, the bleaching can stick around and damage your shingles long term if not COMPLETELY removed from every crevice of each shingle. Take it from us, there are many many tiny places bleach could slip into and remain, eating away at your roof for years to come. 

New Method

 There are now many cleaners on the market specifically designed to not have to be rinsed off after application. Spray & Forget is a great way to rid your roof of mold, algae and the hours that can accompany them. As the name clearly states, you can spray this onto your roof and let time and the product do its job. Unlike the bleach and water method, it may take a little while for the product to work its magic, but you save the time in not having to meticulously spray down your roof after application. 


Also, the more you keep your gutters and roof clear of tree debris like leaves, sticks, and mud, the easier your roof will stay mold and algae free. If you think there's deeper issue at work than what a simple cleaner can help solve, don't hesitate to call 513-731-ROOF to get one of our roofing experts on site to assess the damage!  

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New Siding in Winter: Pros & Cons

Winter isn't the first time you think when it comes to home repairs. But for various reasons, it can be the prime time to work on your home's siding! 

There's a couple of reasons you should think about getting siding repaired in the winter instead of summer:

Summer Heat:

In the summer vinyl siding can expand. If it gets nailed a little too tight, it could buckle if the temperature gets too hot and expands larger than the nails will accommodate. 

Easy Scheduling

In general, contractors are less busy in the winter months and the time from initial outreach to finishing the job will most likely be a lot shorter than if you got in touch in July. 


Cold Weather

In the same way that heat can effect the installation of new siding, cold can also be tough to handle. The colder it gets, the easier the vinyl siding could crack. 

Potentially Issues Due to Weather

While your contractor could be easier to get in touch with and schedule during the winter, an intense winter storm could delay the project. Unforeseen low temperatures or high powered snow storms could mean your project has unexpected delays!

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