Before You DIY Your Vinyl Siding...

We've all shaken ourselves awake after a lazy Sunday bender of HGTV shows and thought "they made that look easy! I can redo the siding on my house myself! I'll save so much money!" 

The TV home improvement experts have to cram in an entire job in a few short minutes. So they do make it look easy, because they don't have time to show you all the work that goes on before, after and during a renovation project. 

The Supplier

You think you found a great deal on some siding on amazon or at a Home Depot sale, but did you know that by working with a trusted contractor who already orders large volumes of products from a supplier, you could get cheaper costs than any consumer could dream of? C.H.I. Roofing works in large volume orders with out siding supplier James Hardie, and those savings are passed on to our customers. By having C.H.I. Roofing purchase the siding for your new installation, you get the benefits of our relationship with our supplier. Also, you can be sure we're certified by that manufacturer to properly install the siding! Did you know manufacturers can have specific methods and suggestions for installation that our employees are trained to handle properly?


Right Tools for the Job

Some things you need to install siding onto a home you may have in the garage already: couple different hand and power saws, power drill, tin snips, snap lock punch, etc. You most likely will spend a decent amount of money acquiring the tools to properly install the vinyl siding and then who knows the next time you'll use them! They may end up sitting in the garage collecting dust. The money you thought you saved by getting your own tools easily ends up an investment that lost you money. In the long run having someone like the pros at C.H.I. Roofing install your siding the right way the first time is the best bang for your buck. 


Structural Surprises

From the outside, you may think your vinyl installation will be easy: take the old stuff down, put the new stuff on! BUT WAIT! What's that behind your old siding? Do you even know what to look for when deciding if the long out of sight wood and insulation beneath your siding is ok to work with? Many issues that could end up causing you a headache later aren't easy to notice unless you're a seasoned veteran. Another reason the pros at C.H.I. Roofing are the best for the job! 

The Trash

One of the least glamorous things the home improvement TV shows don't shows you is the proper way to dispose of home repair waste. Your local garbage man isn't going to take your mountain of old siding with his regular route. You're going to need to make sure your waste meets local and state waste requirements, frequently needing to get a dumpster to ensure the safest disposal of vinyl siding. 


When you'd like to spend the money to make sure the job is done properly the first time, call 513-731-ROOF for a free no-risk quote from C.H.I. Roofing 



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Does Your Business Need A New Roof or Just Repair?

As a business owner, you want to cut costs whenever you can. The roof to your business can easily be overlooked amid the countless things you have to keep your business moving forward. Use this list to figure out if you need quick patchwork or a full re-roofing for your business's building. 


 The roof of your business is often the last thing on your mind. Every business owner has a long list of things they need to keep tabs on to maintain their business moving forward. Unfortunately, it usually takes a giant leak into the office before anyone takes a look at the structural integrity of your commercial roofing. Its the case with many businesses that you are inheriting someone else's work when it comes to the roof over your head. Follow these tips for seeing what kind of improvements your roof may need to avoid a costly emergency job: 

 Small Repairs:

You should be able to clearly see pieces of your roofing that may just need small repairs, not an entire replacement. If you see a small rip or tear, but the membrane is still completely intact and the insulation inside the building, you can easily apply a quick fix to extend the life of your roof without breaking the bank. A quick fix is preferred when compared to a complete overhaul of your roof. 


While this won't fix any tears, this can reinforce your roof for another couple of years depending on the service. Coating can give you a prolonged roof life without spending weeks having a crew rehab the entire roof. 

Full Roof Re-Cover:

If your roof hasn't been previously re-covered and the membrane is not as intact as it should be, you could go for a second covering on your roof. It can give you another warranty extension and ensure you won't have any new leaks when a snowstorm hits. Also, construction won't be as invasive and disruptive to workflow in your company. 

 Complete Roof Replacement:

If a quarter of your total room is damaged, you'll need to invest in a complete roof replacement. In the long run you'll save on energy, repairs,a dn if you ever want to sell you've just raised the property value of your building. 


When you're ready to get the pros involved- call 513-713-ROOF  




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Just Because It's Not Leaking, Doesn't Mean Water Can't Damage Your Roof

As a business owner you can have a huge problem on your hands if the roof of your business is leaking into an area where your customers are. But what can you pay attention to before the  leaks start to happen? 


Flat roofs like the one above are common for commercial buildings. These roofs however, aren't literally flat, they simply have a very slight pitch to them. Because of this they don't drain as easily and this can lead to standing water on your business's roof. When water stands for more than 48 hours you can find a lot of problems. For instance: erosion of roof membrane, premature roof system failure, damage to roof deck, vegetation or algae growth, & accumulating contaminants. 

The more the rain water stays on your business roof, the faster leaks will start to happen. The best way to combat this to begin with is to get your roof installed by a trusted contractor like C.H.I. Roofing. But if you have found this issue well after installation, C.H.I. Roofing can still help you with repairs if you need it! 

Call 513-731-ROOF for a free consultation!

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Proud Past Projects: Home on Hopper Road, Cincinnati

We've worked on some beautiful homes in our history and this home on Hopper Road in east Cincinnati is one of the most exceptional. The beautiful landscaping and home design are paired perfectly with our expert installed roofing. Check below for photos! 


Nestled off the Ohio River, this gorgeous estate home is even more amazing in person than any photos could demonstrate. Without an expertly installed roof from C.H.I. Roofing this home wouldn't look nearly as good as it does. 


The dark grayish-blue hue the shingles have pair amazingly with the light cream stone in the home. The effect of a castle grounds makes this home pop on sight. GAF shingles are built to last for the lifetime of this home. 



The intricate chimneys and window pieces on the roof were no issue for our expert contractors. They were able to swiftly and expertly install the GAF roofing to the exact specifications to keep it looking stellar year round. The owner's of this home can rest easily knowing their investment is securely roofed and weathered. 



If you're ready for a roof fit for a king, call C.H.I. Roofing at 513-731-ROOF for a FREE no risk estimate. 

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Quality Material Means Quality Work

The materials your contractors use matter. No matter how skilled a roofer is, if they don't have the best quality materials the work will still be less than desirable. That is why CHI Roofing only uses the leaders in the industry when it comes to roofing, windows and siding. We deal directly with these manufacturers and can guarantee a lower price than you'll find anywhere else. Our company maintains the certifications of our suppliers to ensure your job is done to the exact letter of the manufacturers suggestions. Let's take a look at who we source from and why: 


GAF Roofing Shingles & Materials is North America's largest and most respected manufacturer of all the elements we use to repair a roof. Whatever color, style, and protection you are looking for GAF makes it at the highest industry standard. CHI Roofing is proud to be a certified GAF Master Elite Contractor. 


North America's leader in producing roofing and siding for sustainable habitats, CertainTeed pairs high quality products with a business plan focused on the environment and philanthropy. CHI Roofing is proudly certified as a CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master Contractor. 


Pella Windows are an industry leader in innovation, sustainability, and energy efficiency. With almost 100 years in the business of manufacturing windows, they continue to innovate and expand their wide line of sizes and styles. Any purpose or design you can think of, Pella has it and CHI will install it exactly how it should be done. 


Certified with the coveted Good Housekeeping Certification, James Hardie is America's number 1 brand of siding. Their wood and vinyl siding are Engineered for Climate® so whatever our environment puts your building through, James Hardie siding will be able to withstand it. 


We wouldn't work with our suppliers if they didn't put as much craft and integrity into their products as we put into building with them. They stand by their products and we stand by our expertise in finishing the job right, the first time. We would love to speak with you about how CHI Roofing and our partners can make your property shine in ways you've never seen it before. Call (531)-731-ROOF for your free, no obligation consultation. 



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Repairing Roofs in the Winter

While many homeowners would hope to have their roofing ready for the snow, it doesn't always happen how you hope. Family obligations, work, vacations, anything can pile up and take precedent to getting that roof on your house fixed and before you know it BOOM your house is covered in snow. If the first snow storm of the season is leaving you with drafts or leaky snow turned to water do not hesitate to call us at 773-ROOF for a quick consultation. Roofers work year-round! Wether your roof is a home with shingles or a commercial building with a flat covering, we can shovel it off and repair it ASAP. 


Even when your roof is covered like this-we can handle getting your roof fixed if you need it. Your home is your biggest family investment and its important that everything inside is spared from the outdoors elements.

Any of these snowy homes can have issues with their shingles. CHI Roofing knows the best practices to ensure the installation of your new set of shingles is ideal. When installing shingles in cold temperatures, we take extra care with each shingle piece to ensure they don't crack, one of the bigger issues found installing roofing in the winter. 

If your commercial flat roof at your school, retail space, or business needs any sort of work handled we can take care of it! At the first sign of leak call 731-ROOF for a free no-risk consultation. 



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Signs You Need New Siding

It's important to replace the siding on your home when it is necessary. But how do you know when that is? The harsh truth is that the same factors that your siding is supposed to fight against, cold temperatures and harsh wind and excessive heat can also put your siding out of business. Here are some signs you need to get new siding! 

Rotten Siding

If your siding has begun to rot or crumble, it can't protect your home from anything. Any outward signs of rot should be big signs your siding needs to be redone.


Cracks & Gaps

While holes and cracks don't look great, that's not the only adverse part to a siding of a home with cracks and gaps. They're also causing some structural integrity loss. These cracks and holes can lead to water getting into your home's foundation, which is no good. 

Utility Bills Going Up

If you have higher than usual spikes in your utility costs, your siding's failing may be the culprit. If you can feel drafts near walls or windows there's a good chance that additional insulation and new siding would make a huge difference in cutting out any and all of those issues. 

If you're ready to get new siding on your home, call 513-731-ROOF for a free estimate! 

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The Pros of Leaving Your Roofing to the Pros

While you can try and DIY your roof's repairs with a little gumption and some youtube DIY videos, there's more than a few reasons to leave your roof in the hands of experts like C.H.I. Roofing. 


We all have those home repair tasks we're pretty sure we can handle ourselves. We've seen enough HGTV to know sort of what we are supposed to be doing when it comes to installing a new fixture or cosmetic piece in any of our home's rooms. When it comes to your roof, however, there's many reasons to cut to the chase and call a proffesional like C. H.I.



Falling from a roof is no joke. If you're at all hesitant to pull out your ladder and climb up however many stories your home is, we understand. Its very dangerous! That's why hiring someone like C.H.I to take care of your roof will elevate any concerns for your own personal safety. It's all fun and games till someone slips on a shingle! Leave it to the pros. 


C.H.I. Roofing is certified by their manufacturers to ensure the best possible application of your shingles, siding, ventilation, and windows are installed to last a lifetime. Don't make the mistake of doing it yourself, only to have to do it 2 or 3 more times!


Instead of taking the time to have to learn the proper and best way to fix your roof, wouldn't you rather pay an expert to handle it in the right timeframe? C.H.I. Roofing will handle the job so you can handle the rest of your household!. 


If you're ready to let the pros take over, call 513-731-ROOF



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What is Energy Star & Why Does It Matter?

Energy Star is a certification you see on a lot of electronics. For instance your computer or blue ray player may have this logo on it somewhere. 

This shows these electronic items are using energy efficient technology certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy Star is a voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through energy efficiency. 

Did you know the EPA also certifies windows? 

The windows that C.H.I. Roofing use, both Pella & American Window & Glass are Energy Star certified. 

This matters because Energy Star windows:

  • Keep temperatures stable: Energy Star windows don't let drafts inside and don't keep too much heat for too long! 
  • Save You Cash: Energy Star certified doors and windows lower your utility costs. With efficient windows and doors you use less energy which reduces green house gas emissions from power plants. In a typical household Energy Star windows and doors can save you an average of $100-$550 for each window!
  • Keeps Sun damage to a minimum: many energy star windows have special coatings to reduce unnecessary sun damage to your items that live near your windows!

When you're ready to invest in Energy Star certified windows contact C.H.I. Roofing at 513-731ROOF! 

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Your Home: Roofing, Siding, Windows are the Full Package

C.H.I. wants to giver your entire home a makeover. The roof, the siding, and the windows of your home are the three things that everyone sees when they take in a first impression of your home. We can handle all three things in one project, charging less for all as a bundle than individually over the years. 


The Roof

The roof of your home keeps the elements from making your home deteriorate internally. A good looking roof makes sure you home looks like it's worth even more than you think it may be. Whatever color or style your are looking for, GAF makes the lifetime guaranteed shingles we use to keep your home sparkling. 

These different GAF Shingles can do amazing things to give your home a new look. 

The Siding

Just as the roof does a lot of heavy lifting to keep your home safe from the elements, your siding takes the brunt of the job of keeping your houses's foundation protected and insulated.  You want the cool air to stay inside in the summer and the heat to stay inside during the winter. James Hardie siding produces beautiful products that last the life time of your house. 

This beautiful home from the James Hardie site is a testament to how beautiful their siding can make your home look. 


The Windows

 In conjunction with your siding, windows keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Plus, they can look fantastic. Windows give viewers a peek into the inner beauty of your home without giving it all away. This will be increasingly valuable if you ever feel like its time to sell your home. 

Windows like this from American Window & Glass Inc can beautify your house easily. 


When you're ready for the whole package, call 513-731-ROOF. C.H.I. Roofing will get you competitive pricing and the more you buy through us the more you save! 

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