The Quality Pieces of the American Window & Glass Company

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One of our favorite suppliers is American Window & Glass from Evansville, IN. They make a superior product at a great price and it's the window we love to install in our customers home or business. They make no compromise on any part of the window's production and the quality shows through. Here's some of the things to show off about American Window & Glass! 

Beautiful windows from American Window & Glass website 


  • Window & Sash Frames: Lifetime Warranty
  • Hardware: 5 Years
  • Screens: 5 Years
  • Coated Windows: 10 Years
  • Insulated Glass Unit: 15 Years 

The Vinyl:

Vinyl is the preferred material for the frame of an American Window & Glass window. They exclusively use vinyl from Deceuninck Plastics, a leader in the vinyl industry. 

The Spacer:

The spacer piece in American Window & Glass has insulated Intercept insulated glass. Intercept is a patented "Warm Edge Technology" spacer system that has a unique structure which creates a thermal barrier. It's one-piece design makes it incredibly strong and resiliiant while also keeping the edges of your windows warmer so your home can easily maintain heat during the winter. 

The Glass: 

The glass used in their windows is some of the most advanced window technology in the market. They use PPG Glass Solarban 60 Low-E glass which helps your home become more energy efficient and comfortable thanks to a thin coating that blocks out unwanted elements. 


5 Facts About Home Windows You Should Know

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We've all grown up with windows just being in our home. But how much have you thought about how windows affect your daily life? Here are ten facts about windows and how they affect your home you should know if you are a homeowner! 

  1. Most window manufacturers suggest you replace your windows every 20 years. Signs you windows need to be replaced are: drafty frames or cracking outer layers on the window. 

      2. Windows with leaks account of up to 25% of American homes energy bills. If you'd like to cut that out, its necessary to purchase insulated or double-pane windows and make sure your frames are airtight. 

      3. One great way to keep out outside noise is to buy windows with 1/4 inch to 1 inch of air between the panes. This will trap the sound and severely dampen it so only trace amounts end up in your home. 

      4. Skylights provide 30% more light than standard vertical windows the same size! Point it toward the sun and you get a whole lot more natural light. 


      5. Low-E glass has a metallic coating that reflects heat back to its source. Indoor heat stays in your home during the winter and outside heat stays out of your home in the summer. 


When you're ready to get new windows installed call 513-731-ROOF 


Window Installation is A Job for The Pros

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Everyone wants to save money when it comes to their home. Every home owner has a list in the back of their minds of things they'd fix if they had all the money in the world. Problem is when you think of a lot of home repair, there's the idea you can just watch a few youtube videos and know how to install something like your windows that's supposed to last a lifetime! In most cases, the money you pay a trained expert like C.H.I. Roofing to properly install your new windows will pay you back in energy efficiency and lack of problems to fix down the road. 

This beautiful window pair were installed by C.H.I. Roofing and look incredible on this Cincinnati home! 


Small Mistakes Can Have A Big Price

When installing your own windows, mistakes can happen. If this is your first time dealing with window installation you'll be dealing with a big learning curve. Problem is you're learning on a full-priced new window you just purchased. Maybe by the third or fourth window you'll get the hang of it, but what about the first four windows you already made your mistakes on? Small damages in structural pieces on any window can quickly ruin them or deteriorate their foundation. Instead of paying more by replacing windows that end up installed with a draft, find a trusted contractor to install it for you. 


Can Your House Handle Your Work?

Even if you manage to get the window in without issue, what about the frame and interior of your home? Do you know what to look for while you open up the foundation of your home? Odds are a contractor will save you time and money in the future by alerting you to issues that may have been previously impossible to see with a window in its frame. 


If There's Any Mistakes: The Wind Will Find Them

One of the most important reasons to redo your windows is to make sure you home is environmentally sealed off from the elements. It's tough to find out you didn't fully seal your window in properly once a rainstorm is coming in.


The most reliable and trusted way to install new windows in your home is to call 513-731-ROOF for a FREE home estimate.