The Trusted Siding from James Hardie

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One of our favorite siding companies to work with is James Hardie Siding. They're vinyl siding is so versatile that any kind of weather elements won't be able to damage the siding long term. 

For instance, the HZ5 line of products are engineered for our climate. They resist shrinking, cracking, and swelling even after years of high and low temperatures.  


The James Hardie siding is made at a microscopic level to create a fiber cement composite which has superior stability and resilience. It protects against any shrinking or splitting. 

James Hardie also stands by their products with a clear warranty timeframe: 

If you're looking for new siding this winter you can call 513-731-ROOF for a no risk consultation! 

Proud Past Projects: Home on Miami Avenue, Cincinnati

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This home is a beautiful structure and they trusted C.H.I. Roofing with the roofing and windows! We are very proud with how great this work looks even years after it was finished. 



We were even able to install these pillars for the homeowner. 


The valleys and shingles on this roof are still holding up impeccibly to the weather of southern Ohio.  



If you want your home to look just as good as this one does, call 513-731-ROOF for a FREE no-risk estimate. 

Window Screens in the Winter: On or Off?

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As soon as the snow starts to get more frequent, your need for window screens goes away. Opening your window to leave only a screen in the snow will quickly make a mess of the interior of your home. But do you need to take your window screen off during the winter months? While, it may not be too bad if you don't, there are only benefits to taking them off. 

Screens like this do little to keep out the cold weather!


While it won't ruin your home to have the screens on during the winter, taking your screens off in late fall and putting them back in spring can give you a few benefits. For instance, it gives you time to inspect your screen away from your window frame. This way you can see any runs or blow outs you may miss just because it is what you are used to looking at it in its window frame. Screens can get in the way of up to 30% of your sunlight from the sun during the winter months. While a screen won't hurt much on the outside, removing the screen can help your home stay warmer cheaper! 


Also, the screen is a place where snow and precipitation can bunch up against your window. Leaving your screen off will make it easier to clean off your window sills after a snow storm which will keep excess precipitation from getting into your home. 

If you have any other pressing questions about windows and installation or maintenance, call 513-731-ROOF today!