Just Because It's Not Leaking, Doesn't Mean Water Can't Damage Your Roof

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As a business owner you can have a huge problem on your hands if the roof of your business is leaking into an area where your customers are. But what can you pay attention to before the  leaks start to happen? 


Flat roofs like the one above are common for commercial buildings. These roofs however, aren't literally flat, they simply have a very slight pitch to them. Because of this they don't drain as easily and this can lead to standing water on your business's roof. When water stands for more than 48 hours you can find a lot of problems. For instance: erosion of roof membrane, premature roof system failure, damage to roof deck, vegetation or algae growth, & accumulating contaminants. 

The more the rain water stays on your business roof, the faster leaks will start to happen. The best way to combat this to begin with is to get your roof installed by a trusted contractor like C.H.I. Roofing. But if you have found this issue well after installation, C.H.I. Roofing can still help you with repairs if you need it! 

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Which Should I Install First? Windows or Siding?

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If you are thinking about getting new windows and siding installed in your home, it's best to do them at the same time if possible. It's ideal to get them both reworked so you can maximize your new items and older siding won't bring down your new windows and vice versa. 

But if you can't do both at once, we suggest you install the new windows first. If we were going to do both at once, we'd install the windows first anyways which will allow us to finish off all the capping surrounding the windows before the siding. Window capping is a protective covering that is often added to exposed exterior frames during installation. If you end up focusing on the siding first and then do your windows later you would have to cap them again. By doing the windows and siding together you could avoid have to pay to cap your windows more than once. 

Another issue that can happen if you do the siding first is when it comes time to install new windows and the moisture barrier for them the barrier will need to go behind the siding. That means some of the new siding could have been removed and later reinstalled. 

If you're ready to get your siding and window projects praised call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk estimate! 

Increasing the Curb Appeal All Over Cincinnati

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C.H.I. Roofing has been a trusted home contractor for almost a decade in the Cincinnati area. We've done work to make homes and businesses look beautiful and stay that way. 

This home we did the pillar, roof, siding and windows! It looks incredible. This is in the Indian Hill neighborhood in the east side of Cincinnati.

This condo is in Water's Edge a far north suburban neighborhood near Mason! We did roofing for all of the condos and years later they still look sleek and full of life! 

This roof is in the Hyde Park bar Keystone Grill. It looks amazing and they have great food and brews inside!!

This incredible home is on Hopper Road in the Cold Stream area on the far east side of Cincinnati. It's tucked away from the road, but is quite a sight to see up close.

If you'd like your home or business to have these beautiful looks, don't hesitate to call 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk estimate!