Home Repair Resolutions for 2018

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Every New Year's Eve has a lot of people drawing up new habits they wish to start in the new year, or old habits they wish to leave behind. While personal growth and change is of course important, CHI Roofing also suggest you take stock of your home improvement projects.

1) Get Your Roof Up to Snuff 

If the company who did your roof didn't do the job they should have, your roof may need to be repaired. Or maybe its just that your roof is 20 or 30 years old and needs a facelift? Regardless of the roof's life journey, CHI Roofing can give you a free, no-risk estimate on what your roof needs and what it will cost.  Roof repair will always seem like a thing you will get to eventually, but the longer you go when your roof needs work, the longer it will take 

2) Fix Your Siding

The siding on your home can go easily unnoticed for years. Parts of your home's exterior you don't usually walk by or notice may have chipped or torn siding which opens up your home's foundation to the elements. This year make a point to repair or replace your home's siding! It makes a huge improvement for your home's energy use and keeps the foundation of your home out of nature's way. 

3) Replace Your Old Drafty Windows 

The influx of cold weather makes clear if your windows are doing their jobs. Windows can easily have leaks in various places and the cold winds and precipitation from outdoors can get inside your home. CHI Roofing is available to survey your windows and give you an estimate for repairing or installing a whole new set of windows. CALL 513-731-ROOF for a free no risk estimate! 

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