Is Your Commercial Roof Ready for Winter?

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At C.H.I. Roofing we handle a lot of commercial and other business facilities. It's important to keep an eye of the roofing for these types of buildings as the winter takes hold, as the concerns of a flat roof like this are different than the kind of roof you'll have on your home! It's important that your roof gets a seasonal inspection to guard against each season's precipitation. You can still make sure your roof is ready by clearing he gutters and making sure the drains aren't clogged in any way. 

All the issues you have with your roofing can become much worse once the cold weather kicks in. Below freezing temps can increase issues with defects in flashing or sealant failure, leading to leaks, splits in the membrane, separations at seams, ridges, blisters and deteriorations in any of the roof's elements. It's best to get these issues dealt with before there is snow accumulated on the roof of your building. 

Single-ply membranes that are nearing the end of their life can end up brittle and more prone to leaks than they used to be. If you're business is going into the snowy season with an old and patched up membrane you're taking a risk. Getting a professional like the staff of C.H.I. Roofing to take a look at your roof will help 

One way to mixup that roof for snow is to apply a roof coating to extend the life of your roof. It's a very cost-effective way to ensure that your roof can handle heavy amounts of snow. A fresh snowfall can add up to 20lbs of weight per cubic foot but wet snow can add as much as 60lbs per cubic foot of weight. 

Call now for a winter inspection! Snow hasn't started to fall yet but is surely on its way. 513-731-ROOF for a free no-risk estimate! 

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